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Time for TSE + Coffee

November 02, 2016

With a casual vibe, our long sleeve v-neck is perfect for work or weekends.

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Modern Shapes

September 30, 2016

Cozying up with coffee in our anti-gravity cable turtleneck. Our Fall Collection offers modern shapes such as anti-gravity cables, three-dimensional wave trims, and cross over stitching - all applied for an understated, sophisticated look.

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Galaxy-Inspired New Arrivals

September 26, 2016

Continuing Prefall 2016’s inspiration of artwork in the 60s, Fall 2016 moves into the space age.

Find timeless, innovative styles in our galaxy-inspired color palette of nebula purples, constellation blues, space rock browns and back to earth greens. Shop new arrivals now.

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Oprah Magazine, Turtleneck Vest

September 21, 2016

Our cozy turtleneck vest has been featured in Oprah Magazine's October issue. It's a great layering piece. You can find it online or in stores now.

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Haute Living

September 20, 2016

One of our favorite shops is San Francisco's Hero Shop, founded by former Vogue editor, Emily Holt. Recently, she has been featured on Haute Living.

Unlike some high-end boutiques with an intrinsically exclusive and unwelcoming nature, Holt wants Hero Shop to be an approachable place where anyone interested in fashion can walk in, talk with the staff, and leave feeling a little more informed and stylish—with or without a Tse cashmere sweater in hand.

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Vogue Runway, TSE Spring 2017

September 13, 2016

Our Vogue Runway review is now online for our Spring 2017 collection. Thanks to Emily Farra, it reads:

"Right now, it feels like we’re living with more distractions than ever. On top of our obsession with technology and the current political climate, the Spring ’17 season is looking alarmingly hectic, with hundreds of shows, new tech advancements (such as virtual reality and Facebook Live), and endless confusion surrounding the see-now-buy-now trend. It’s enough to make your head spin, but TSE’s new collection managed to instill a sense of calm.

The design team was inspired by Japanese Zen gardens, as if to “calm down from the whirlwind of the year.” There were literal interpretations on the theme, like pebble prints, woodblock-inspired jacquards, and swirling ribs that mimicked sand raking. Subtler details included giant round buttons—a riff on the boulders in a garden, which can symbolize mountains, boats, or animals—and obi-style belts. The high-grade experimentation TSE typically employs in its collections felt absent here, but the team did pull off some covetable, highly functional summer knits in a stretchy technical fabric; the shift dresses and ribbed slips would be particularly nice for the 90-degree September days ahead."

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WWD, TSE Spring 2017

September 12, 2016

Our WWD review is now online for our Spring 2017 collection. Thanks to Kristi Garced, it reads:

"For spring, the design team at Tse looked to Japanese culture, specifically 14th-century zen rock gardens in Kyoto, which were designed at the time to stimulate meditation. The references resulted in a lineup of calm, uncluttered looks that oozed effortless elegance.

The rock gardens typically featured large stones and sand that is raked to mimic ripples of water, which were emulated in creamy, neutral knits with graphic intarsia patterns and swirling wave embroideries. A white sleeveless jacquard tunic with soft black pinstripes with a large circular button stood out among the lineup’s simple shift dresses, culottes and wrap cardigans. Obi belts and highly textural stitchwork, such as an open-knit sweater weaved with silk rice paper, were the most obvious nods to Japanese zen."

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